Blackwell's Olivieri resigns: update

<p>Ren&eacute; Olivieri, chief operating officer of the merged Wiley-Blackwell and former chief executive officer of Blackwell Publishing, has resigned citing difficulties adjusting to his new role within the company. He will remain with the STM giant until the end of 2007.</p><p>Olivieri&#39;s resignation comes less than one year after Wiley&#39;s purchase of Blackwell in November 2006. Olivieri became c.o.o. for Wiley-&shy;Blackwell in May this year, heading up the Wiley-&shy;Blackwell transition team that has worked on integrating the companies with Wiley senior vice-&shy;president Steve Smith.</p><p>&quot;Ren&eacute; has had almost 20 years with Blackwell, and as a c.e.o. found it difficult to adapt to a different position,&quot; said Susan Spilka, Wiley director of corporate communications. Olivieri also cited family commitments and the increased travel his new role has made necessary. Spilka added: &quot;The new position involved a great deal of travel and he has a young family. He thought it best to resign. It is a very amicable parting. Ren&eacute; is optimistic for the future of Wiley-Blackwell.&quot;</p><p>Wiley has no plans at present to replace Olivieri. Eric Swanson will continue to lead Wiley-Blackwell as senior vice-president.</p><p>Olivieri has been with Blackwell since the 1980s, working as publisher, editorial director, deputy managing director and managing director. He became c.e.o. of Blackwell Science in 2000 before taking on the role of Blackwell Publishing c.e.o. in 2001.</p>