Blackwell launches electronic Rewards card

<p>Academic retailer Blackwell has launched an electronic rewards card scheme offering customers a point for every &pound;1 spent. </p><p>Once 100 points have been collected, Blackwell will convert them into a &pound;5 credit. The new scheme replaces Blackwell&rsquo;s former paper-based system, as it allows users to accumulate and spend their reward points online at</p><p>The project was soft-launched on 4th September to coincide with the chain&rsquo;s Back to University campaign. Blackwell hopes to build its database to 500,000. Electronic gift cards are also in the process of being rolled out over &quot;the coming weeks&quot;.</p><p>Phill Jamieson, head of marketing, said: &quot;This new platform will allow us to create a much more sophisticated rewards programme with major benefits to both customers and the business. This will allow us to match customers to transactions&mdash;giving us deep basket analysis&mdash;allowing us to be much more targeted in our marketing efforts, both with email and direct mail and giving us a much better picture of who our customers are, what they are buying and how often.&quot; He added: &quot;By having much greater detail about consumers and what they are buying, the power of our database increases.&quot;</p><p>The retailer has partnered with loyalty system provider Givex for the new scheme.<br /><br /></p>