'Business of Brexit' book goes to Biteback

'Business of Brexit' book goes to Biteback

Biteback will publish a book about "how and why politics and business have become utterly disconnected in the past decade", entitled F**k Business: The Business of Brexit, by Iain Anderson, chairman of Cicero Group.

James Stephens, publisher at Biteback, acquired world rights directly from Anderson, who is chairman of the UK’s largest lobbying business, the Cicero Group. The book is slated for publication on 26th September, retailing at £12.99.

"When a senior Cabinet minister dismissed corporate fears over a hard Brexit with a curt ‘F**k business,’ it seemed emblematic of a growing distance between the country’s politicians and its wealth creators," the synopsis reads. "This is the definitive and shocking story of how and why politics and business have become utterly disconnected in the past decade, culminating in the rancour, mistrust and confusion of Brexit."

"Featuring exclusive and candid interviews with those at the heart of No 10, the Cabinet and Parliament, as well as with the foremost business leaders of this Brexit generation, F**k Business portrays the exhaustion felt by all major companies over politics. With unparalleled access to the key players in both fields, the book describes how business sought to prepare for Brexit only to be frustrated by Parliament’s inability to set out a clear pathway ahead. However, Anderson also points the way forward for a new relationship and a brighter future."

Anderson said: "The distance between our business and political leaders has never been greater. This book is both personal catharsis but also sets out a way forward. It is great to be working with the fantastic team at Biteback whose expertise and support is second to none in this arena."

Stephens said: "We are thrilled to be publishing this timely and important book by Iain Anderson, who, with one foot in either world, is uniquely qualified to comment on the breakdown in trust between the country’s legislators and its wealth creators. This is essential, often shocking, reading for anyone interested in how Brexit has unfolded for British business."