Publishers ready new Brexit books

Publishers ready new Brexit books

Independent publishers Biteback Publishing and Canbury Press have acquired new titles on Brexit.

Biteback is to publish How to Lose a Referendum: The Definitive Guide to Brexit  by Sky News senior political correspondent Jason Farrell and politics teacher and blogger Paul Goldsmith.

Iain Dale, m.d. of Biteback Publishing, acquired world rights to the title which will be published next June to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the Brexit vote.

In this "definitive story of the most controversial referendum result in modern British history", Farrell and Goldsmith explore the decisions that led to Britain’s departure, from the creation of the EU after the Second World War to David Cameron’s renegotiation in 2016. They provide in-depth historical context to the decision, analyse campaign strategy through interviews with key players, and identify the key reasons why the UK made its choice, probing the social fabric of the UK, the psyche of the electorate and the set of political circumstances that worked against the Remain camp.

Dale said: "How to Lose a Referendum provides unprecedented historical context to the Brexit result. I am delighted to be publishing Jason Farrell and Paul Goldsmith’s brilliant explanation of this defining moment in our political history."

Farrell said: "I just remember the adrenalin – and it coursed through the whole of Westminster – when the result hit us like a train. Brexit was the biggest political story of my life – and there I was trying to make sense of it immediately, for a sunrise report on Sky News by 6 a.m. What on earth just happened? And I knew the only way to answer that question was to write a book."

Canbury Press, meanwhile, is publishing "the ultimate guide" to Brexit, the "first paperback book" explaining how exiting the European Union will change life in the UK, to be published later this month.

Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? by Ian Dunt, editor of, looks at the impact of our divorce from Europe on politics, business and the law. The publisher holds world rights to the title.

The first chapter warns that Britain is set to "drive over a cliff edge" in 2019, with "devastating repercussions" for manufacturing and financial services, unless it can secure an extension to the current timetable for Brexit.

The 192-page book is aimed at a mass-market audience and has an r.r.p of £7.99. Canbury Press will publish on Thursday 17th November 2016.

Martin Hickman, managing director of Canbury Press, said: “Ian is well ahead of the pack in understanding the drastic changes that Brexit will bring. From the secret deal to keep Nissan in the UK to Conservative attacks on the governor of the Bank of England, we have only had its first tremors so far. Anyone who wants to be armed with the vital facts about Brexit should read this book.”

Dunt said: “I wanted to write a book which could be read in a few hours, but allow someone to win arguments about Brexit for the next decade. This is the biggest story of our lifetime, but the debate around it is filled with sloppy thinking, half-truths and self-interested speculation. It’s almost impossible for people to find one single, readable account of what is going on. Hopefully this book will address that.”