Bilbary closes London office premises

Bilbary closes London office premises

E-book website Bilbary has dispensed with its premises in London's Bedford Square, as it looks to focus on the American market "for the time being".

The company employs six people in the US, UK, and Luxembourg, with staff now all working remotely.

Founder Tim Coates said that the Bedford Square office, opened late in 2011, had become unnecessary, as the venture looked to develop its services in the US. The business will look to establish a permanent office in the US instead, aiming to create a headquarters in New York, he said.

Bilbary sells e-books, as well as developing e-lending models for consumers and libraries.

Coates said: "At the moment most of our work is happening in the US, especially with library services over there. There is such a complicated scene in the UK now for e-lending for library services, it makes sense to focus over there for the time being. We are focusing on new ways of addressing supply chain issues for e-books, and are working on some big partnerships." Bilbary has projects in planning with California, Kansas and Douglas County, Colorado library services.

Coates added: "We are also doing a lot of work on e-books for people with visual impairments, which is a very exciting area to be working on."

Bilbary was first announced in December 2011, with the website for UK e-book sales going live in October 2012.