Big turn-out for Brand's 'anarchic fayre'

Big turn-out for Brand's 'anarchic fayre'

Approaching 500 members of the public turned up to the launch of Russell Brand’s new book Revolution (Century), although a panel debate organised as part of the evening was cancelled.

The launch, held in association with the Big Issue and termed an “anarchic fayre”, included yoga sessions and a reading by Brand and was held at Hoxton Docks yesterday (22nd October). A number of charities were also involved in the event, which began at 4p.m. and continued throughout the evening.

A debate due to be held during the evening was cancelled “after guests including the leading human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell expressed concerns about the make-up of the panel”, said the Independent.

A spokesman for Century said the event was “removed from the programme” due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

The publisher added that it was “just one element of the evening's activities”, with the rest of the event going ahead as planned.

Brand’s book lays out “a vision for a fairer, sexier society that’s fun and inclusive”.

The launch event was organised by Century in eight days, with publicist Natalie Higgins saying: “It is an outstanding example of event publishing involving Russell's community and local charities. Pages of Hackney sold out of all the books and Russell signed all 200 copies until 10.30pm.”