Big Green Bookshop tweets entire Harry Potter book to Piers Morgan

Big Green Bookshop tweets entire Harry Potter book to Piers Morgan

North London retailer the Big Green Bookshop is tweeting out every word of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Bloomsbury) to broadcaster Piers Morgan following his Twitter spat with its author J K Rowling.

In the online argument with the Harry Potter author, Morgan claimed he hadn’t read any of the series. Simon Key, co-owner of the Big Green Bookshop in London's Wood Green, told The Bookseller that he decided to tweet the whole book to Morgan, 140 characters at a time, “because [Morgan] spends all his days looking at Twitter, [and] it might be easier if he read [the book] through tweets".

The project has received a lot of attention of social media, with the bookshop trending on Twitter. Key said he is happy that his decision to tweet out the first Harry Potter novel has "raised the profile" of the shop.

“The attention is great," he said. "I sent the first tweet for a laugh and it snowballed. The pressure’s on a bit now! It's raised our profile a little bit; we’ve had a lot more online orders and more people coming into the shop. We’re very happy about that."

Key added: "It’s fun and nice that people are enjoying it. I'm very happy to have found another way of addressing something so terrible that’s happening in the world.”

Key plans to tweet out the entire book and at a rate of 50 tweets per day, and thinks it will take about 200 days. He is currently on tweet number 210.

Key said he had reached out to Rowling to check if she is happy with him continuing with his mission, but has not yet received a reply.

The project will be included in the forthcoming crowdfunded book about the history of the bookshop, which is still receiving pledges.

The bookshop recently donated profits from the sales of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Little, Brown) to local schools to enable them to buy books for their libraries.