Big Green Bookshop owners to open children’s bookshop

Big Green Bookshop owners to open children’s bookshop

The owners of the Big Green Bookshop are to open a second premises in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire.

Simon Key and Tim West will open a children’s bookshop in the neighbourhood of Brookmans Park Primary School on 14th December.

As the pair only get the keys on 1st December, it gives them just 13 days to pull together the shop in the nick of time for Christmas.

Key said: “I live in Brookmans Park and noticed the property was for rent and we decided to go for it. You only live once. We have always wanted to do it—when Tim and I opened The Big Green Bookshop, we said we would pay ourselves half what we were being paid at Waterstones and put the money into the business. We are still paying ourselves that so it is as much for necessity that we are opening another shop.”

He added that children and parents from the nearby school often congregate outside where the bookshop will be after school so, they already have a captive audience for their market. “We have 350 kids traipsing past our door in the morning and 350 traipsing back past our door in the afternoon,” Key said. When asked if the shop would follow on from The Big Green Bookshop by hosting a range of eclectic events for all ages, Key added: “Oh yes. It is going to be epic.”

The bookshop will also sell toys, according to Key’s blog, in which he adds: “[Brookmans Park is] a very different area from Wood Green, but it's crying out for a bookshop.”