Big Green Bookshop to launch YouTube channel

Big Green Bookshop to launch YouTube channel

The owners of The Big Green Bookshop are to launch a YouTube channel next month that will feature videos showcasing a “mix of the strangeness” that goes on at the shop.

The channel will consist of reviews, opinion, author interviews and events footage.

Co-owner Simon Key told The Bookseller: “We hope that the channel will be an extension of the shop and our blog; it will be about the trade itself, and what it's like to run a shop, but it will also be more personal than that, it will be about us. We want more people to know about the shop and to increase its profile."

Key said that he and co-owner Tim West hoped the channel would also help to raise the profile of the book they plan to publish next year through crowdfunding publisher Unbound. The book will be about the history of the shop.

West added: “Simon has bought a camera and microphone and he’s promised his children that he'll do it. We do lots of things that should be filmed. The channel will feature the normal mix of strangeness that we do here: reviews, hopefully some interviews with authors, and maybe even some footage of our brilliant events. We do so many things in the shop; we hope we can put everything into the channel.”

The pair have also announced plans to host a monthly comedy panel show featuring authors.

Earlier this year, the bookshop was inundated with donations after a thief stole £600 from its till.