West plans new Wood Green co-operative bookshop

West plans new Wood Green co-operative bookshop

Tim West, co-founder of The Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, plans to open a new, co-operative bookshop locally in the wake of the closure of the bricks and mortar Big Green store. 

The Big Green Bookshop will close its physical premises on 31st January as fellow co-founder Simon Key is relocating from London to East Sussex and moving the business online after 10 years in business with Tim West.

Looking to the future, West is in talks with a retired publisher to form a co-operative for a new Wood Green shop. "Some of the customers were upset to see the shop go and now I'm meeting with a retired publisher about forming a co-operative and finding a space within the area. I won't name him as this is in its very early stages but he is very positive," said West. "I'm looking at reducing the size of the shop in terms of stock but expanding the programme of events, clubs and societies that we do. We don't do daytime events as they take up the space we need to sell books. We are looking for a place with a smaller shop and separate space where we can do daytime events such as book groups, writing groups, comedy events, poetry workshops." 

West is also hoping to secure a property with easier access for people with mobility issues. He said: "The current shop has a big step and it is a barrier to people with mobility issues so we want a space without one. If you're a mother with three children and a double pushchair, the step is not ideal." 

The former Waterstones bookseller maintains shares in The Big Green Bookshop and says he has no plans to sell them off completely after working with Key at the Wood Green shop since March 2008. West added: "The rates have doubled in 10 years. Closing wasn't something we discussed, but when Simon said he was moving away and didn't want a physical bookshop anymore, I went 'ok'. He's going to keep The Big Green Bookshop name because he built the online side and it would be churlish of me to take that away. It's perfectly reasonable.."

The Big Green Bookshop will continue trading at its physical premises in Brampton Park Road, Wood Green until 31st January with new opening hours of Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.