'Best ever year' for S&S UK

<p>Simon &amp; Schuster UK had its best year ever in 2007, according to Jack Romanos the out-going chief executive of US parent Simon &amp; Schuster.</p><p>In his end of year letter to staff, Romanos wrote of the UK business: &quot;Record sales and profits came from bestsellers like Linda La Plante&#39;s <em>Clean Cut</em>, Booker shortlist nominee <em>Animal&#39;s People</em> by Indra Sinha, phenomenal sales for <em>The Secret</em>, and two &#39;Richard &amp; Judy&#39; Children&#39;s Book Club selections: <em>Girl, Missing</em> and <em>Aliens Love Underpants.</em>&quot;</p><p>Simon &amp; Schuster Canada continued to grow at a rapid pace; while Simon &amp; Schuster Australia nearly doubled its sales volume and profits, and grew its market share by nearly 50%. The overall business, dominated by the US, was also set to report a &quot;record-setting year&quot;. Romanos said: &quot;This time we will not simply surpass our prior year performance, but we are on track to shatter by a wide margin our previous records for both sales and profits.&quot;<br /><br />Carolyn Reidy and her team will officially take over the management of Simon &amp; Schuster in the New Year.<br /></p>