Bertelsmann appoints Stausberg

Bertelsmann appoints Stausberg

Random House parent company Bertelsmann has appointed Bertram Stausberg as the new chief executive officer of the independent print unit being established by the publisher.

Stausberg will also simultaneously hold the position of c.e.o. of the printing company Prinovis. He is currently m.d. of Prinovis' northern German sites at Ahrensburg and Itzehoe, and the plant in Dresden.

He will report to Bertelsmann c.e.o. Thomas Rabe, and succeeds Thorsten Thiel, who is now in talks about taking on other tasks within the group.

The new printing unit comprises Prinovis' gravure printing operations and international printing plants, which are currently still part of Arvato. In 2011, the unit generated €1.2bn of revenues and it employs 6,800 people, according to Bertelsmann.

Chairman and c.e.o. Thomas Rabe said: "I am delighted that Bertram Strausberg is taking over the leadership of Bertelsmann's new printing unit as well as the role of Prinovis c.e.o. As a noted print expert, he is well acquainted with the business and superbly qualified to further develop this unit's strategy outside of Arvato with his management team."