Bell to pen 'Swindler's list' on expenses scandal

<p>Icon Books is to publish a &quot;controversial&quot; title on the expenses scandal by former politician, Martin Bell. Managing director Simon Flynn bought world rights from Peter Cox of Redhammer management.<br /><br />The book is yet untitled, however Bell told <em>The Bookseller </em>that he would like to call it &#39;Swindler&#39;s List&#39;. He said: &quot;The book is writing itself really - I&#39;m just so amazed, it&#39;s such an extreme revelation in our politics. In no time in my life have I found everyone talking about politics.&quot;<br /><br />He said when writing the book he would compare what he knows now to what he knew when he was an MP. He added: &quot;I have a peculiar take on it because of my history - I don&#39;t know whether to laugh or to cry.&quot; </p><p>Bell said he hoped the book would be controversial: &quot;It&#39;s not going to be a bland book.&quot;</p><p>He added: &quot;I felt that this was a book that had to be written. Our politics and confidence in Government is in a state of crisis. I hope to be able to draw on my experience as an MP and as a member of The Standards and Privileges Committee to explain how these extraordinary problems arose and how we can resolve them so that our democracy comes out the stronger. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to revive our politics.&quot;<br /><br />Bell is currently a British UNICEF ambassador, but has previously been a war reporter and an independent politician. He was elected as an MP in Cheshire in 1997 after an anti-sleaze campaign. He was the first successful independent parliamentary candidate since 1951.<br /><br />Simon Flynn added: &quot;We are proud and honored to be publishing Martin Bell&rsquo;s new book. Icon is an independent house which seeks to publish challenging and important literature. From his unparalleled vantage point, Martin foretold the collapse of trust in politicians with a devastatingly accurate eye and this new book corresponds exactly with Martin&rsquo;s aim to bring the future of politics to the forefront of the public agenda.&quot;<br /><br />The book will be published by Icon in early October this year. Bell has previously written titles including, <em>In Harm&#39;s Way</em> (Penguin), <em>An Accidental MP</em> (Penguin), <em>Through Gates of Fire</em> (Weidenfeld &amp; Nicolson) and <em>The Truth That Sticks</em> (Icon).<br /><br /></p>