BEA listens, takes root in New York

<p>BookExpo America is to take root in New York for at least the next four years, the show will also now take place in the middle of the working week and has been shortened from three days to two. BEA said the move had come out of &quot;considerable discussion&quot; with book industry executives, with one consequence a cost reduction for exhibitors. Last week BEA&#39;s parent cancelled its two Canadian shows, citing a lack of publisher support.</p><p>BEA&#39;s 2009 show, which was already scheduled to take place in New York, is unaffected by the changes. Its 2010 show was due to take place in Washington DC, while Las Vegas had been booked for 2011.</p><p>&quot;We feel that this is a move that is timely and responsive to industry needs,&quot; said Lance Fensterman, industry vice president and show manager for BookExpo America. &quot;It makes sense on a multitude of levels, not the least of which is that it will provide the majority of our exhibitors with a cost reduction, as well as more flexibility in managing their presence at the show.&quot;<br /><br />Fensterman added: &quot;We wanted to take decisive action in setting our future course and this is our first major step towards a new vision for BEA for years to come.&nbsp; New York City is also the publishing capital and we are anxious to build a strong identity between New York and BEA.&quot;</p><p>Fensterman added: &quot;To put it simply, our goal in planning the show this year and beyond has been to focus on quality, not quantity. Our recent announcement about our joint efforts with the ABA to coordinate our programming and activities at Javits is certainly an indication of the direction we&rsquo;re going. We want everyone under one roof, in a highly charged and stimulating atmosphere where there is enormous potential for creating influence, buzz and general excitement about books. I am confident that we have the basic game plan in place and now we need to move forward in a number of directions to make it work.&quot;</p><p>BEA said that several further announcements which will reflect BEA&rsquo;s strategic plan are to be expected in the near future. BEA added that it was keeping its options open with regard to dates and location after 2012.</p><p>The next BEA, which had already been scheduled to take place in New York City in 2009, will take place, as has been announced, on Friday, 29th May to&nbsp; Sunday, 31st May. As always, there will be a full day of conference on Thursday, May 28 before the exhibit floor opens.</p><p><strong>BEA schedule</strong></p><p>2010:&nbsp; Conference/Special Events and Show Preview Tuesday May 25th (exhibit hours 4-6pm), Wednesday, May 26th (9-6 show hours), Thursday, May 27th (9-5 show hours).&nbsp; <br />2011:&nbsp; Conference/Special Events and Show Preview Tuesday May 24th (exhibit hours 4-6pm), Wednesday, May 25th (9-6 show hours), Thursday, May 26th (9-5 show hours).<br />2012:&nbsp; Conference/Special Events and Show Preview Wednesday May 30th (exhibit hours 4-6pm), Thursday, May 31st (9-6 show hours), Friday, June 1st&nbsp; (9-5 show hours).<br /></p>