BCA sees "some" growth

<p>BCA has confirmed it saw a year of growth &quot;in some areas of its business&quot; despite sitting within Bertelsmann&#39;s loss-making discontinued operations. A spokesperson for BCA said the last 12 months had been successful for the company in its bid to reduce costs and consolidate operations to better &quot;align&quot; costs with revenues.</p><p>These operations&mdash;which comprise the Direct Group businesses Bertelsmann announced were up for sale in July, which included BCA&mdash;recorded a pre-tax earnings loss of E68m (&pound;55m) in the first half of 2008.</p><p>&quot;This past year [BCA] has clearly demonstrated this strategy with its successful relocation to Swindon, and is pleased to recognise growth in some areas of its business, such as the Books For Children club, and in the marketing of continuity products,&quot; the spokesperson said.</p><p>The spokesperson added Bertelsmann would &quot;report any progress&quot; on the sale of BCA and certain other Direct Group businesses &quot;as appropriate&quot;.<br /><br /><br />&nbsp;<br /><br /><br /></p>