BCA appoints new c.e.o

<p>Phillip Wagner has been appointed as chief executive of the BCA with immediate effect, following the departure of George Saul, who left last week.</p><p>Wagner was appointed by Munich-based industrial holding Aurelius, which took over the book club business at the end of 2008. Wagner was previously working for Aurelius&rsquo; as a managing director across Germany and Austria. His most recent role involved turning around a European chemicals business.</p><p>Wagner said: &ldquo;We were delighted with the acquisition of BCA&mdash;a company with a great direct marketing pedigree that is well placed for development.&nbsp; </p><p>&ldquo;I am most fortunate in having a great management team across the buying, marketing, operations, finance and IT areas; this complements the skills and experience I bring to the business and I am looking forward to working with the in-house team and the publishing industry.&rdquo;</p><p>Aurelius bought BCA from Bertelsmann late last year.</p>