BBC presenter Simon Reeve's memoir to Hodder

BBC presenter Simon Reeve's memoir to Hodder

Hodder & Stoughton is publishing a memoir from adventurer, author and television presenter Simon Reeve, who has travelled to more than 120 countries making multiple award-winning TV series for the BBC.

Step by Step will share tales from Reeve's journeys and the people he has met to "inspire others to get out in the big world".

Reeve said he wanted to dispel the myth that having an ordinary background means you can't get the most out of life and realise your dreams. He said that he himself left his local comprehensive with "basically no qualifications ... went on the dole and nearly committed suicide" yet has gone on to have "magnificent adventures".

"This book is my chance to explain how I lifted myself off rock bottom, and perhaps that will encourage others to do the same," said Reeve. "Step by Step will tell the story of my journey, from petty crime and depression to having some of the most extraordinary, memorable, spine-tingling experiences the planet can offer."

He added he wanted to "get people to take an interest in our world" with the book "part of that mission". 

Reeves's programmes, blending travel with global issues, have have been broadcast to millions in the UK over 15 years and been sold to more than 65 countries around the world. His most recent series was "Russia, an epic journey across the world’s largest country". His BBC documentary about Burma will be shown in spring/summer 2018 and he’s currently filming a four-part series on the Mediterranean for transmission in Autumn 2018. 

Rupert Lancaster, Non-Fiction publisher at Hodder & Stoughton who commissioned the book, commented: "I’ve long admired Simon’s ability to make television that entertains while addressing really important issues. Step by Step shows that his personal journey is as fascinating and unexpected as his programmes. We live in an age when the mental health pressures on teenagers are intense, and Simon’s own story is full of hope and inspiration."

Hodder acquired world volume rights from Robert Kirby and Rosemary Scoular at United Agents and will publish in September 2018, when the author begins a 40-venue UK tour of "An Audience with SImon Reeve" produced by GCE Live in partnership with Kuoni.