BBC Books to publish novel from Fourth Doctor Tom Baker

BBC Books to publish novel from Fourth Doctor Tom Baker

BBC Books is publishing the first Doctor Who novel from Tom Baker, star of the series as the Fourth Doctor in the late seventies.

Doctor Who: Scratchman will be both a "gothic thriller" and "legendary adventure", based on an original story idea from Baker’s first year on the show in 1974. Albert DePetrillo, BBC Books publishing director, acquired world rights from Michael Hallett at Emptage Hallett.

The plot takes off after The Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane Smith arrive on a remote Scottish island and soon must battle an ancient force from another dimension, an entity who claims to be the Devil and who knows exactly what the Doctor fears most.

The story was originally developed by Baker and Ian Marter for the screen as they filmed their first series together. Four decades on, Baker returned to his and Marter’s original idea and adapted it into book form.

Baker is also the author of Who On Earth Is Tom Baker? (HarperCollins) and the darkly comic novel The Boy Who Kicked Pigs (Faber). He said of the new project: "When I was approached about the book, I thought, ‘Why not?’ I’m always on the lookout for a novelty. I’m very enthusiastic as I get close to darkness."

DePetrillo said: "I’m not sure anything will ever top the first meeting I had with Tom Baker to discuss this book. He is a legend, and a true gentleman, and we are absolutely thrilled to be publishing his first-ever Doctor Who novel. Get ready for a wild ride."

Doctor Who: Scratchman will publish on 24th January in hardback priced £16.99.