Battalion of titles readied for 30th anniversary of Falklands

Battalion of titles readied for 30th anniversary of Falklands

Publishers including Penguin, Preface, Little, Brown and The History Pres, have enlisted a battery of titles to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War next year.

The History Press is following up its release of The Silent Listener: Falklands 1982—The Inside Story of British Electronic Surveillance and Intel Controversies by Major D J Thorp earlier this year with Ordinary Heroes: Untold Stories from the Falklands Campaign by Christopher Hilton.

To be published in March 2012 as an £18.99 hardback, the book comprises interviews drawn exclusively from the lower ranks of services, and includes servicemen from the Merchant Navy.

The History Press marketing manager Gary Chapman said on the significance of the anniversary: "It still resonates. If a book is new, different and has fresh angles, then people want to know about it."

Meanwhile, Little, Brown will be releasing Storming the Falklands, written by Tony Banks, on 1st March as a £20 hardback. The title is Banks’ first-hand account of the conflict—he served as a paratrooper—as well as a reflection upon how he coped with returning home.

Managing director Richard Beswick said: "It is a personal story as well as one of conflict. It is quite extraordinary how long ago it is. It just feels like yesterday. Taking ownership of land is still something that is ongoing today, and relevant."

Penguin General will be publishing Down South by retired Rear Admiral Chris Parry, releasing it as a £20 hardback on 1st March. The title is a contemporaneous journal written by Parry as he served as a 28-year-old observer in a helicopter during the war.

Publisher Tony Lacey said: "He wrote it every night he was there, it is incredibly vivid. What gives it its fascination is that you are right there with it, right back into the politics of it."

Preface is releasing Scram! The Untold Story of the Helicopter War in the Falklands by Harry Benson, who was a 21-year-old Royal Navy commando helicopter pilot during the conflict, and who has interviewed more than 40 of his former colleagues to make up the book, which will be published on 15th March as an £18.99 hardback.