BA urges members to lobby MPs on High Street future

BA urges members to lobby MPs on High Street future

The Booksellers Association is urging members to write to their MPs today expressing their concerns about the future of the High Street before a House of Commons debate on the subject tomorrow (17th January).

Following Mary Portas' December report about what changes are needed to ensure a thriving future high street, backbench MPs have called for a debate to discuss the issue, with the government expected to respond this spring.

Tim Godfray, chief executive of the BA, said: "We are supportive of Mary Portas' recommendations and we have said all along that the key will be to implement changes quickly. We are encouraged that time is being given to this debate in parliament and we want to encourage as many high street booksellers as possible to use this opportunity to pass on their views to the government."

The BA has written to members advising them to set out the problems and issues bookshops have recently faced using local examples and personal experiences and stating what they want the government to do to improve the situation.

It has advised members to finish their letter asking MPs to participate in the debate in the House of Commons.

When Portas published her report, the BA's head of trade and industry Sydney Davies said: "Mary believes our high streets have reached 'a crisis point' and her findings have led her to believe that unless urgent action is taken, the casualties will only continue to multiply. We therefore hope that local and national government takes  his valuable report seriously. There is no time to waste."

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