BA concerned by library bookselling plan

<p>The book trade has questioned culture minister Margaret Hodge&rsquo;s suggestion that libraries should start selling books. Booksellers Association chief executive Tim Godfray said he was &quot;very concerned&quot; about the idea.</p><p>Godfray told the <em>Guardian</em>: &quot;We will be making representations to the returned minister of culture,&quot; said Godfray, who is writing to protest to Hodge about the plans. Library campaigner Tim Coates said &quot;in no way should a library try to turn itself into a bookshop&quot;. Fellow campaigner and former director of Faber Desmond Clarke agreed: &quot;It was an idea which came up 25-30 years ago and failed dismally,&quot; he said. &quot;Why would anyone visit a library and want to buy a book when they could get it for free?&quot;</p><p><a href="../news/99573-hodge-delays-dcms-library-review.html" target="_blank">Speaking at the Public Libraries Authorities</a> (PLA) conference on 8th October, Hodge said she was considering an &quot;Amazon-style&quot; home delivery service for libraries, and also suggested that libraries should sell as well as lend, suggesting: &quot;How about a tie-in with Amazon: &#39;You&#39;ve borrowed the book, now send a brand new copy to a friend&#39;&quot;.</p>