BA calls on readers to support independent bookshops

<p>The Booksellers Association&rsquo;s Meryl Halls has called on readers to support independent bookshops which are &quot;fighting so hard to survive&quot;. Halls was responding to a <a href=" target="_blank" title=" report of independent bookshop closures</a>, sourced from last week&#39;s report in <a href="../news/111645-high-street-loses-two-independent-bookshops-a-week.html" target="_blank" title="../news/111645-high-street-loses-two-independent-bookshops-a-week.html">The Bookseller</a>.</p><p>The head of membership services at the BA told the newspaper that &quot;these booksellers are at the centre of their communities but, as with all retailers, they need to be supported in order to survive&quot;. </p><p>She added: &quot;[Those independents which] are fighting so hard to survive continue to deliver an outstanding service&ndash;knowing the books they recommend and sell, knowing their customers, focusing on things that the deep price cutters can&#39;t offer and running fantastic and value-adding events&quot;.</p><p>As reported in <em>The Bookseller</em> on Friday, BA figures have revealed the biggest net closure of independent bookshops since 2004. During 2009, just 40 indies opened, while 102 closed, meaning there were 62 fewer indie bookshops than there were in 2008.<br /> </p>