Axe confirmed for five Bolton libraries

One third of Bolton's public libraries are set to be closed after a full council meeting last night (19th October) endorsed the decision taken by the Labour-run council's ruling executive committee a week ago.

According to a report in the Manchester Evening News, the council rejected a motion put by Conservatives to put off the closures for 12 months. Five libraries - at Astley Bridge, Oxford Grove, Heaton, Highfield and Castle Hill - are now set for closure for a saving of £400,000. 

Ahead of last night's meeting, Ian McHugh, secretary of the Save Bolton Libraries campaign, pledged  the group would carry on campaigning to save the libraries if the plan went through. He said: "We will join forces with library campaigners in other parts of the country in seeking intervention by the Department for Culture Media and Sport to ensure the proper implementation of the Public Libraries & Museums Act 1964.

"This is still a very wealthy country, where money can be found for huge salaries - in the public and private sectors - and for overseas wars, Olympic Games, and NHS reorganisation. The sums of money needed to keep our libraries open are small change in comparison. It is simply a matter of making the right choices. Closing libraries in the heart of our communities is the wrong choice."