Autumn prepares for summer Pixi push

Autumn Publishing has ambitious plans for a new collectable series, the Pixi Storybook range, that launches into the UK this summer with sales of 500,000 pieces predicted for the first year.

The Pixi books, which measure just 10cm by 10cm, already sell around 13m copies per annum in Germany through Bonnier Carlsen. In the UK, the Pixi books will be sold in foil packs with stickers and offers and will retail at 99p. Each book will include a code that children can use to access information online.

Autumn plans to launch with 32 Pixi titles in June including Pirate Adventures, Princess Stories, Animal Tales and Bedtime Stories. Many of the launch titles have already been published in Germany but subsequent books will be originated in the UK. Around 64 titles will be published each year.

Anne Weinhold, brand development manager for Blink (part of the Bonnier group), said, “The Pixi books are hugely popular in Germany and have a brand recognition of 97% but we haven’t felt able to introduce them into the UK before now because of the competitive pricing environment here.

“Enclosing the books in a foil pack with stickers and offers meant we could retail the packs at 99p, which made commercial sense for us.” Supermarkets including Sainsbury’s are understood to be interested in stocking the packs. The launch is being supported by on-pack offers from Legoland.