Authors sign protest letter against baseline tests

Authors sign protest letter against baseline tests

Authors including Philip Pullman, Michael Rosen, John Dougherty, and Alan Gibbons have signed a letter saying baseline assessment tests should not be brought in to primary schools.

The tests, to be introduced in September 2015, will take place in the first few weeks after a child starts in reception class.

Teachers in the NUT will take a vote on boycotting the tests at a union conference this weekend.

A letter to the Guardian says that “we have the most overtested children in the developed world already, and the addition of the new baseline assessment will drive this test culture to an even younger age”.

It refers to earlier calls for the tests to be scrapped because they are “statistically invalid; will formalise a testing culture from the age of four; will be used to judge teachers and schools; and, most importantly, will be dangerous for children”.

Others who have signed the letter are education experts, NUT officials, teachers, and publisher Martin Large, founder of Hawthorn Press.