Authors plan library visits

<p>Top writers will visit libraries across the country for the Reader Meets Writer programme from Reading Partners, to be launched at the London Book Fair. </p><p>The countrywide initiative for the National Year of Reading will feature library events from authors including Hanif Kureishi in Leicester, Jodi Picoult in Nottingham, Ad&egrave;le Parks in Birmingham, Jojo Moyes in the Wirral and Iain Banks in Gateshead. Penelope Lively, Kate Mosse, Joanne Harris, Mike Gayle and Alexander McCall Smith are among other authors taking part in a total of 50 events.</p><p>Meanwhile, the Reading Partners publisher consortium is finalising its scheme to pair an author with every one of the 149 library authorities in England. Each author will do at least one event at their partner library, and some will develop ongoing &quot;residency&quot; relationships throughout the year.</p><p>&quot;The list is now complete, and we are currently matchmaking in partnership with the library reps in the English regions,&quot; said the Reading Agency&#39;s Sandeep Mahal. &quot;Publishers have been true to their word and are fielding some of their biggest hitters to get across the message that libraries play a pivotal role in reading.&quot; </p><p>Authors and staff will also look to recruit new members from people who may not normally visit a library, through a programme of mobile library tours to such venues as shopping centres, parks, prisons and hospitals.</p>