Authors fight Scribd piracy

<p>Publishers and agents representing the authors J K Rowling and Ken Follett want to get free copies of their novels removed from the &#39;social publishing&#39; website Scribd, reports the <em>Times</em>. The <em>Times</em> found copies of <em>Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince</em> and Ken Follett&rsquo;s most recent novel <em>World without End </em>among manytitles, raising fears that the piracy affecting the music industry may have spread to books.</p><p>Neil Blair, Rowling&rsquo;s lawyer at the Christopher Little literary agency, said that Scribd did not have permission &quot;and what you have identified are infringing listings which we were aware of and actioning&quot;. Follett&rsquo;s publisher, Macmillan, was unware that <em>World without End</em> had been uploaded on to the Scribd website for more than five months, and had been read more than 500 times there. Macmillan said it was &quot;now looking into this&quot;. <br /><br />Tammy Nam, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco Scribd, says that it operates a &quot;notice and takedown system&quot;, where it removes books if their publishers demand it.<br /><br />Tthe company is also testing book giveaways with some American publishers, including Random House. <br /><br /></p>