Author Sherry Argov files lawsuit against Planeta

<p>Author Sherry Argov has filed a lawsuit against Spanish publishing group Group Planeta accusing the publisher of copyright infringement and breach of contract related to the sale of Spanish-language editions in other territories. The lawsuit claims Planeta and its Editorial Diana Mexicana subsidiary have underpaid Argov, author of <em>Why Men Love Bitches</em> and <em>Why Men Marry Bitches</em>, by at least $1m.</p><p>According to <em>Publishers Weekly</em> the money is owed to the author because her books have been assigned to unknown entities without Argov&rsquo;s permission, the publisher has paid royalties based on paperback rather than hardcover prices, sold editions in England and Europe and concealed publication and sales of different editions of the books. Planeta did not address the complaint direct in response to PW, but said its &quot;professional practice is based on ethics and respect to third parties rights&quot; adding that in 60 years it had &quot;never given cause to face a claim of this sort&quot;.<br /></p>