Author launches new writing prize for 'thinking women'

Author launches new writing prize for 'thinking women'

Author and TV presenter Kate Jegede has set up a new writing prize that aims to increase the visibility of women non-fiction writers in the UK writing works with a philosophical or critical thinking theme. Assistance from The Literary Consultancy and LAW Agency will be on offer to the winner of the Thinking Woman's Writing Award.

Jegede published her first book Infinite Possibility (Penguin Random House), about the techniques of radical mystic Neville Goddard, in June of this year, and was inspired to launch the award to help other women writers.

According to Jegede, women are "woefully" underrepresented in philosophy, so the prize hopes to help a new generation of female philosophers get published.

"References to the greatest female philosophers of all time often include a dozen or so names of women who are now dead and none who are making notable contemporary contributions to the world or making strides in business or other fields of industry", said Jegede. "I think of present-day philosophers as 'thinkers', and firmly believe that the role of these individuals is just as critical today as they were in the time of Plato and Socrates. I am impassioned by the discovery of contemporary voices that can help shape the modern world and steer in the direction of a vibrant future that serves everyone.

She added: "The Thinking Woman's Writing Award is about this. It is about helping those with ideas who want to write about them to create books that are powerful, inspiration but above all are of a high standard. A well-written book with the power to inspire can open the doors of the imagination of millions and so I am calling on women writers to step on stage, share their stories, and become part of a new radical community of philosophers making the world a better place."

The winner of The Thinking Woman's Writing Award will receive a free manuscript assessment from The Literary Consultancy, one year's free subscription to the RSA Fellowship scheme, and the chance to meet and discuss publishing prospects with LAW Agency.

The prize opens for submissions on 14th September 2018. It is free to enter, in a bid to reach as many women writers as possible from all backgrounds, and entries will be judged by Jegede, with a winner announced in November.

More details about The Thinking Woman's Writing Award are available from its website.