Author Dawson reveals new name

Author Dawson reveals new name

The author of YA title This Book is Gay (Hot Key), previously known as James Dawson, has revealed a new name: Juno.

Dawson announced a decision to transition from male to female in October.

Juno Dawson was revealed as the author's new choice of name on Twitter this week.

Dawson told The Bookseller: "I chose [the name] Juno because it sounded cool! I 'tried on' a few names that just weren't me over the last year or so before settling on something that fit. The fact that the name is connected to mythology is a lovely bonus."

Juno is the name of a Roman goddess who protected the nation and looked after the women of Rome.

Dawson said: "Whether or not to rename my backlist is an ongoing conversation with Hot Key Books, Orion and retailers. As my titles reprint we'll discuss again, but all future titles, including my World Book Day title, Spot The Difference, will be as Juno. To be honest, personally, I'm fairly ambivalent!"

Dawson's next title, Mind Your Head (Hot Key), a guide to mental health issues for young people, written with clinical psychologist Olivia Hewitt, will be published in January under the name Juno Dawson.

The author has described the book trade as "lovely and supportive" over the news of her transition.