Author and adventurer Benedict Allen goes missing

Author and adventurer Benedict Allen goes missing

The explorer and writer Benedict Allen has gone missing while on an expedition in the jungle in Papua New Guinea.

Allen, who has written numerous books on his adventures as well as editing The Faber Book of Exploration, is late returning from the expedition, in which he was attempting to track down the Yaifo tribe, one of the few tribes not to have contact with the outside world.

He had been expected back in the capital Port Moresby on Sunday (12th November), from where he was to travel to Hong Kong to deliver a talk.

Allen’s agent Jo Sarsby of Jo Sarsby Management told the Daily Mail: "His wife Lenka has not heard from him. She is very worried. He would never miss something like the Hong Kong talk unless something had happened.”

She added: "‘He is a highly experienced explorer, very clever and resourceful and adept at surviving in the most hostile places on earth, and he would never give up. He may not be a young man any more but he is very fit."

A Faber spokesperson said: "We are very concerned to learn that Benedict Allen is missing. He is a remarkable and courageous person and we are hoping for some good news soon."

Allen, 57, has conducted solo expeditions through the Amazon jungle, along Namibia's Skeleton Coast and across Mongolia's Gobi Desert, and famously travels without the use of GPS, satellite phone or other outside back-up.

Earlier this year, BBC2 screened a documentary about a trip made by Allen with the BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner, who uses a wheelchair, to see birds of paradise in Papua New Guinea.

Allen's books include Into the Abyss: Explorers on the Edge of Survival (Faber), Into the Crocodile Nest: A Journey Inside New Guinea (Faber) and The Skeleton Coast: Journey through the Namib Desert (BBC Books).