Audrey Hepburn's son and daughter-in-law write children's book about her

Audrey Hepburn's son and daughter-in-law write children's book about her

Princeton Architectural Press will publish Sean and Karin Hepburn Ferrer's Little Audrey's Daydream, about actress Audrey Heburn

Sean Hepburn Ferrer is the actress' son.

Editorial staff at the publisher acquired world rights from Alan Nevins at Renaissance Literary & Talent, California. The title will be published on 6th October. The title will be illustrated by Dominique Corbasson and François Avril.

Little Audrey's Daydream depicts a young Hepburn during her childhood in Holland, where her happy life changes with the harsh realities of the Second World War. She daydreams about who she will become when the war ends. 

In her fantasies, young Hepburn enrolls in a premier ballet school and turns to acting. One day she is cast in a film which makes her a star, eventually setting fame aside to focus on raising a family and working with children in need. 

Sean Hepburn Ferrer commented: "My mother often used to speak about her time during the war and during the famous hunger winter in Holland— in the latter part of the war there was no heating and very little food and so her mother used to say, 'You stay in bed most of the day to preserve your calories'. She'd sit in bed and sort of imagine what her life would be like after the war and so in talking with my wife, Karin, who is the co-author, we came up with the idea of taking that a step further: what if she were to image her life the way it actually took place? So, we picked out the milestones that most of us know and some parts we don't know about and sort of re-created— through a little girl's daydream in bed during the war— her life." 

Sean Hepburn Ferrer is also the author of Audrey Hepburn: An Elegant Spirit (Sidgwick & Jackson, 2003). 

This is the only book Avril and Corbasson illustrated together, and is the last work produced by Corbasson before her death in 2018.