AudioGo to offer BBC Short Story Shortlist as downloads

<p>The shortlist of this year&#39;s BBC National Short Story Award, the winner of which will be announced later today, will be available to download as audiobooks from AudioGo.</p><p>The titles can be downloaded from iTunes or from AudioGo&#39;s website from 6th December. The five shortlisted stories are Tea at the Midland by David Constantine, Haywards Heath by Aminatta Forna, Butcher&#39;s Perfume by Sarah Hall, If it Keeps on Raining by Jon McGregor and My Daughter the Racist by Helen Oyeyemi.</p><p>Jim Naughtie, chair of this year&#39;s panel, said: &quot;The short story can expose a writer, cruelly, like a miniaturist on canvas who has to work to distil a world into a few square inches, the writer who can suggest a great span in a story that has to be kept in check is a true servant of the craft. A short story needs to waste no time. As judges we found in our discussion that although our tastes and stylistic passions are probably quite different, we knew a good one when we saw one.&quot;</p><p>The awards are administered in partnership with BookTrust. AudioGo was formerly known as BBC Audiobooks.</p>