Audible secures rights to Bill Bryson's The Body

Audible secures rights to Bill Bryson's The Body

Audible has secured worldwide audio rights, excluding the US, to Bill Bryson’s new book The Body: A Guide for Occupants (Transworld).

The company secured rights direct from Bryson, who will narrate the book himself.

Audible will produce and record the exclusive audio version in its London studios and publish alongside print and e-book formats on 3rd October.

Bryson said: “We spend our whole lives in one body and yet most of us have practically no idea how it works and what goes on inside it. The idea of the book is simply to try to understand the extraordinary contraption that is us. What I learned is that we are infinitely more complex and wondrous, and often more mysterious, than I had ever suspected. There really is no story more amazing than the story of us.”

Sean McManus, Audible’s senior director of business affair for the UK and rest of the world, said: “Bill Bryson’s books are perennial favourites with Audible listeners and he is a fantastic narrator. We are delighted to be producing the audiobook of The Body, and in particular to have Bill Bryson narrating.”