Audible releases 'Romeo and Jude'

Audible releases 'Romeo and Jude'

Audible Original has released a modern-day audiobook reimagining William Shakespeare’s “tragic love story” Romeo and Juliet, entitled Romeo and Jude, to mark the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death.

Featuring “Game of Thrones” star Owen Teale as Ray and Matthew Tennyson, best known for the film “Pride”, as Jude, Romeo and Jude follows the unfolding romance between amateur actors Ray and Jude. Ray and Jude star - in "true Shakespearean style of an all-male cast" - as the leads in the amateur dramatics company production of "Romeo and Juliet".

The production "quickly begins to see life imitating art" as a “passionate and dangerous” behind-the-scenes love affair begins between Ray and Jude. Forced to flee from Jude’s homophobic father Charlie, played by Nick Moran, a "whirlwind chase steeped in violence, fear, love, death and despair draws in the couple, their families and the cast of the play."

Teale said: “It’s an amazing piece of writing – all the characters have vastly different voices, but they are all capable of being eloquent in their own way. You go on a journey with Ray and Jude, as they fall in love and make a break for it while exploring their sexuality together – and the sexual content, which is so important to the story, is brilliantly woven in.”

Tennyson said: “What I like most about this adaptation of Romeo and Juliet is how big and unashamedly romantic it is. You’d expect a modern interpretation to undercut the romance, but it doesn’t - it’s still big, poetic and really moving.”

The production will also star Ricky Norwood and Frances Jeater.

Romeo and Jude was written by Marty Ross, directed by David Beck and produced by Mariele Runacre. The audiobook is available from the Audible website.