Audible launches Mandarin offering

Audible launches Mandarin offering

Audible has launched a Mandarin offering with more than 300 audiobooks and audio dramas in Mandarin.

A dedicated landing page houses a curated content library featuring bestselling contemporary mysteries and thrillers, romances, classics, children’s titles, Chinese translations of popular English content, Chinese language learning materials and other categories, as well as text and video guides for Chinese-speaking customers.

Among the titles available today are 鬼吹灯 - 鬼吹燈 (Candle in the Tomb), 步步惊心 - 步步驚心 (Scarlet Heart), and 西游记 - 西遊記 (Journey to the West). 童谣经典选 - 童謠經典選 (Classic Nursery Rhymes) is also available as a special free download.

Audible chief content officer Andy Gaies said: “ currently offers content in 38 languages, and I am excited to extend our catalogue to include Chinese in such a dedicated way. For the first time, Chinese-speaking customers can now explore and enjoy a diverse library of authentic content. Through these incredibly produced titles, Audible can now offer the tens of millions of Chinese speakers outside of China compelling listening experiences.”

Audible in Chinese is available to customers, and new customers can download any one of the Chinese titles included for free with a 30-day trial of the service.