Audible acquires audio-exclusive title on animal behaviour

Audible acquires audio-exclusive title on animal behaviour

Audible is to publish audio exclusive title, Animal Societies: How Co-Operation Conquered the Natural World  by Professor Ashley Ward.

Audible acquired world English language rights and the title will be released on 23rd April 2020.

Ward is a biologist and professor of animal behaviour at the University of Sydney. His passion for the natural world began with a childhood fascination for everyday backyard creatures and led to a career in science and a series of unforgettable encounters with wild animals. Ashley grew up in the UK and worked in Leeds and Leicester before moving overseas.

Animal Societies explores the intimate worlds of social animals, demonstrating how studying their social behaviour provides insights to the development of such things as empathy, altruism, leadership and language. Ward uses his exploration to show readers how studying the social behaviour of animals can offer a window into the behaviour of humans.

Ward said: "Finding out just how and why animals band together into groups and what this means for us and for our own societies has been my life’s work. In this book, I take listeners on a journey through the animals, from the smallest social insects to our closest ape cousins."