Auctions across Europe for debut novel

Auctions across Europe for debut novel

A debut novel has sparked auctions across Europe.

Two Roads in the UK won an auction for The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan, from Laura Macdougall at Tibor Jones & Associates.

The book has sold to Rizzoli in Italy in a six-way auction, and Ullstein won a five-way auction in Germany. Tibor Jones’ Charlotte Maddox said the German offer was the largest received for a debut in the eight-year history of the agency.

Norwegian rights were pre-empted by Cappelen Damm yesterday (24th September). A “sizeable pre-empt” was made in Denmark this morning (25th September).

The Keeper of Lost Things is about retired writer Anthony Peardew, who 40 years previously lost a precious keepsake his fiancée, Therese, had given him, and in so doing he broke the only promise she had ever asked him to keep. On the very same day, Therese died in an accident.

Anthony spends the rest of his life seeking atonement by rescuing the things that other people lose and writing stories about them. Now, in his twilight years, he worries he hasn’t done enough, and he leaves his assistant Laura, to complete the task he set for himself, and which he has so far kept secret from her. Anthony also leaves Laura his house, his gardener, and the unhappy spirit of Therese.

With the help of Freddy and Sunshine, the strange girl next door, Laura, must finish what Anthony started, and find the only person who can reunite him with his lost love.