Atwood and Hosseini on Goodreads 'Ask the Author'

Atwood and Hosseini on Goodreads 'Ask the Author'

Goodreads has launched an Ask the Author feature, with writers including Margaret Atwood, Khaled Hosseini and James Patterson signed up to take part.

Members of Goodreads will be able to submit questions directly to any of the 54 authors taking part in the launch.

Users will be notified if their question is answered, and the response will be shared on the author’s page as well.

Other authors taking part include Jeff Kinney, David Baldacci, Sylvia Day and Arianna Huffington.

In the coming weeks Goodreads will allow all the authors in its Goodreads Author program the chance to opt in to the Ask the Author feature.

Dan Brown, whose Inferno (Corgi) is the fastest-selling fiction paperback of 2014, said:  "One of the most rewarding things about being an author is hearing from readers. I love engaging in dialogue with them, and I'm excited to have a brand-new way to stay truly connected with my fans.

“I'm looking forward to discussing writing, secret codes, ancient mysteries, and anything else that comes up with the Goodreads community. Then, of course, I will need to get back to writing because the most common reader question I get seems to be: 'When is the next book coming, Dan?'"

Goodreads will also roll out a Reader Q&A feature in the coming weeks, which will offer its “passionate, opinionated, and curious community with another way to connect over the love of books”.

Reader Q&A sections will feature on pages for books, and people will be able to submit and answer questions.