Atom reveals pub date for Twilight graphic novel

<p>Little, Brown imprint Atom has revealed that the graphic novel adaptation of Stephenie Meyer&rsquo;s <em>Twilight</em> novel is lined up for March.<br /><br />The book will be divided into two volumes, with <em>Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1</em> to be published on 16th March as a &pound;12.99 hardback. The publication date of the second volume is yet to be announced.<br /><br />As reported by <em>The Bookseller</em> in <a href="../news/92391-atom-gets-graphic-with-twilight.html" target="_blank">July last year</a>, the graphic novel will be illustrated by Korean artist Young Kim. It will contain selected text from the novel, with a fusion of Asian and Western comic techniques. <br /><br />&quot;I&rsquo;ve enjoyed working on this new interpretation of <em>Twilight</em>,&quot; said Meyer. &quot;Young has done an incredible job transforming the words that I have written into beautiful images. The characters and settings are very close to what I was imagining while writing the series.&quot;<br /><br />Samantha Smith, Atom editorial director, said, &quot;It&rsquo;s incredibly exciting for us to be able to introduce fans, who might not have read a graphic novel before, to this wonderfully innovative and imaginative format. </p><p>&quot;Stephenie Meyer&rsquo;s UK fans have always been hugely supportive. We&rsquo;re sure that they&rsquo;re going to be just as excited as we are to see Twilight in such a new and exciting way.&quot;<br /><br /> <a href="../in-depth/feature/108940-review-of-2009-the-bestsellers.html" target="_blank">All four of Meyer&#39;s Twilight novels made it into the top five of the Official UK Top 50 of 2009.</a></p><p>&nbsp;</p>