Atlantic signs novel on senile Putin

Atlantic signs novel on senile Putin

Atlantic has signed a novel which revolves around a senile future version of Vladimir Putin.

Editor James Roxburgh has acquired world rights to The Senility of Vladimir P by Michael Honig in a deal with Ben Evans at the Oyster Bridge Agency.

Set around 20 years in the future, the story revolved around a senile and neglected Vladimir Putin, looked after by a nurse while the rest of his staff skim money from his collected wealth. When a family tragedy means the nurse suddenly needs to find some money, he is forced into a moral dilemma.

Roxburgh said: "Michael Honig is a writer of real spit and satire. The Senility of Vladimir P is a strangely moving, blackly funny and frankly brilliant calling to account of Vladimir Putin, of power and greed, and of our own moral complicity."

Honig is a former doctor and author of Goldblatt's Descent (Atlantic). The Senility of Vladimir P will be published in spring 2016.

Last week, Atlantic announced it has signed a book condemning Putin's Russia by former Chess world champion and political activist Garry Kasparov.