Atlantic signs Vince Cable on economy

Atlantic signs Vince Cable on economy

Atlantic has signed a book on the economy from former business secretary Vince Cable, who left Parliament earlier this month after being voted out in the general election.

Cable served as a Liberal Democrat MP for Twickenham for nearly 20 years, and for the past five years has been business secretary in the coalition government.

Atlantic has signed UK and Commonwealth rights in After the Storm: The World Economy and Britain's Economic Future in a deal with Georgina Capel. It is the follow-up to Cable's 2008 book on the economy, The Storm, also published by Atlantic.

The book will look at the state of the current financial market and how Britain has coped since 2008. It will be published in September 2015.

Publishing director Margaret Stead said: "The team at Atlantic are very excited to be publishing Vince Cable’s powerful book about the state of the global and UK economy. Vince has been a key figure at the heart of British political life for the past two decades, and his departure from office comes as a huge shock to many. This unique book will provide an inside view of the coalition years, and offer a carefully considered perspective on how the British economy should be managed in the years to come."

Cable said: "What was sadly missing from the election campaign was any kind of long term intelligent discussion of how to make improvements in productivity to raise living standards; how Britain can rebalance its economy and earn its keep in a very uncertain global economy. These are issues I try to address from the vantage point of having spent five years trying to make these things happen."