Atlantic brings out Adiga follow-up

<p>Atlantic is publishing a second novel by Aravind Adiga, scheduling it for release within two months of the paperback of his Booker-winning d&eacute;but <em>The White Tiger</em>.</p><p>The &quot;novel in stories&quot; <em>Between the Assassinations</em> centres around the inhabitants of the fictional &quot;everytown&quot; Kittur in the years between the assassinations of Indira Gandhi in 1984 and her son Rajiv in 1991. It will be released as a hardback on 1st July, priced &pound;14.99.</p><p>Ravi Mirchandani, editor in chief at Atlantic, said it was &quot;an ideal follow-up&quot; to Adiga&rsquo;s d&eacute;but. He said: &quot;<em>The White Tiger</em> was very much dominated by one character, whereas here you have a multiplicity of voices. What excites me as his editor and publisher is that you see another side to his talent. You get a real sense of a broader talent from reading the two novels.&quot;</p><p>Adiga is coming to the UK for the paperback release of <em>The White Tiger</em> in May, visiting Bath, Bristol, Oxford, Dublin and London.</p><p>&quot;We are in a very unusual position of having a d&eacute;but Booker-winner being followed up so soon with a second, strong, book&mdash;anything we do for The White Tiger is going to benefit this book as well,&quot; added Mirchandani.</p>