Aster to publish The Chakra Project

Aster to publish The Chakra Project

Octopus imprint Aster is publishing The Chakra Project, a visual introduction to the chakras, from former journalist and professional healer Georgia Coleridge. 

Coleridge, who is also the wife of Nicholas Coleridge, chairman of Condé Nast Britain, will explain what chakras are and what they represent, the symbols, colours, elements, crystals, essential oils and emotional states associated with each chakra, and "accessible" practices for how to cleanse, heal and nourish each one. Its presentation will be "modern and chic", the publisher said.

According to Aster, Coleridge will give readers the chance to experience the power of chakras, the fine-tuning of which can help strengthen the physical body, nourish creativity, fire-up motivation, nurture the heart and inspire self-expression. The book will be published in hardback on 15th March 2018 at £16.99. Kate Adams, consultant publisher at Octopus Publishing Group, acquired world rights to The Chakra Project: How the healing power of energy can transform your life from Caroline Michel at Peters Fraser + Dunlop.

Adams said: "Georgia Coleridge has inspired me to understand this ancient system of energy flow and feel its relevance in my everyday life. I’m so happy we will be publishing this stunning book."

Coleridge added: "So many mind, body and spirit books look dull and dated. This book is a major new departure for the visually literate Instagram generation. The concept of good energy is becoming as mainstream as good design, but this is the first chakra book I have ever seen that is modern, chic and well-designed. Like the best cookery or décor books, the stunning colour photographs amplify and illuminate the text. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of this project."