Assange Canongate deal "fallen through"

Assange Canongate deal "fallen through"

Canongate's near million-pound book deal for the memoirs of Wikileaks-founder Julian Assange is now in doubt, according to reports in the Guardian today.

The deal was signed in December, with Canongate buying world rights, excluding North America, from PFD head Caroline Michel. Knopf was set to publish in the US, with rights selling in 35 countries.

However, according the Guardian, the contract has now "fallen through, at least in its original form", with Assange saying he no longer wants to write the type of book that was originally planned.

He is reported to have told publishers that the book could "give ammunition to US prosecutors".

A spokeswoman for Canongate told the newspaper that the publisher would not discuss the book "until it is ready to", and will not make a statement until after Assange appears at London's high court to appeal against an extradition ruling in February. However, the spokesperson did say the contract "is still very much alive, with over 35 publishers around the world committed to publishing this book".

At the time of the deal, Assange said: "I hope this book will become one of the unifying documents of our generation. In this highly personal work, I explain our global struggle to force a new relationship between the people and our governments."



Photo credit: Espen Moe