Asda backlist push boosts sales 100%

<p>Asda has revamped its backlist offer across its 360 stores, with the supermarket targeting more upmarket customers, which it said has resulted in a 100% boost to backlist sales.</p><p>The range was refreshed on 9th May and a number of new campaigns were also introduced. These included a &quot;two for &pound;8&quot; on backlist paperbacks, value bays with books priced &pound;2 and &pound;5 and &quot;two for &pound;5&quot; on activity books. All baby and toddler books have been priced &pound;3, regardless of r.r.p.</p><p>Steph Bateson, books buying manager at Asda, said: &quot;Value across a good choice of books is the key motivating factor for our customers in these difficult economic times. The success of Asda as a business has been due to focusing on value and giving customers the products they want at great prices.&quot;</p><p>Bateson added: &quot;We&#39;re aiming this at the total Asda shopper demographic [but] moving towards more AB [social grade] shoppers.&quot;</p><p>Bateson said that the backlist offer would focus on women&#39;s fiction, thrillers, true crime, historical fiction, cookery, misery and history. Among the key backlist performers, Bateson claimed a 25% and 38% market share of titles by Lee Child and Marian Keyes respectively.</p><p>In children&#39;s, there would be a greater push on activity, pre-school and fiction titles. Bateson said that since the refresh, there had been particular success with licensed titles, with a 25% market share in Hannah Montana and 44% in books in the Disney Princess series.</p><p>Bateson added that it has had a volume market share of the top 100 titles of 18% over the same period, claiming a 34% market share in Katie Price&#39;s <em>Pushed to the Limit.<br /><br /></em></p>