ASA to investigate complaint over W H Smith book club ad

<p>The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is to investigate a complaint over an advert for Richard &amp; Judy&#39;s exclusive book club with W H Smith. However, WHS has brushed off the investigation saying it does not have any &quot;concerns&quot;.</p><p>Last month it was reported the ASA was assessing a complaint made by Cactus TV m.d. Amanda Ross, whose company produced the original Richard and Judy Book Club. Ross had highlighted the fact that the WHS ad was making reference to the earlier book clubs, reportedly arguing that &quot;people need to be clear that this is not a continuation of the previous book club which is still on Channel 4&quot;.</p><p>In the television advert, Judy Finnegan said &quot;we&#39;re back with Britain&#39;s biggest book club&quot;, adding &quot;don&#39;t forget 25 of our past favourites too&quot;, referring to the previous Channel 4 club.</p><p>A spokesman for the ASA has now confirmed that the complaint into WHS&#39;s advert had now been assessed and an investigation would be launched. He said: &quot;The process now is for us to go to the advertiser with the challenge and we will ask for their response.&quot; The ASA will then make a recommendation which will be made to the ASA council.</p><p>The spokesman said it was difficult to say how long the investigation would take but said as with all investigations the ASA endeavours to &quot;turn them round as quickly as possible&quot;.</p><p>When asked about the investigation Rachel Russell, books business unit director at WHS, told <em>The Bookseller</em>: &quot;Yes there is an investigation, but we don&#39;t have any concerns.&quot;</p><p>Ross declined to comment.&nbsp;</p>