Argentine author Aira to be translated by And Other Stories

Argentine author Aira to be translated by And Other Stories

And Other Stories is to publish three titles from “cult Argentinian provocateur” César Aira this year.

The first book it will issue by Aira, who was a finalist for the 2015 Man Booker International Prize, will be The Little Buddhist Monk, a “twisted tale” of Korean temples, tourism and robotics. It will be published on 23rd March.

The Proof, a “playful” take on youth culture, young love and ultra-violence on the streets of Buenos Aires, will follow in April, and a third book, The Lime Tree—a portrait of Aira as a child and a lucid analysis of his family’s social trajectory—will be published by the indie in November.

Stefan Tobler, publisher at And Other Stories, told The Bookseller: “César Aira writes like no one else, mixing the philosophical and mock-philosophical with fantastical tales. His method is to follow the flow of the words, wherever it takes him. He’s influenced libraries of young Latin American writers and almost filled a library himself—he’s written over 80, admittedly short, novels. So we decided we needed to publish three of his novels this year, to really let more people get more of a sense of this prolific and eccentric genius. And because his fans are clamouring for them. Once the taste is acquired, readers keep needing the next fix.”

Tobler added: “His writing is considered to be among the most important and influential [work] in Latin America today, marked by extreme eccentricity and innovation, and a playful spirit. He is without a doubt the true heir to Jorge Luis Borges’ literature of ideas.”

The publisher holds UK, Europe and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) to the titles, which have been translated from Spanish by Nick Caistor.