Arcadia shells out for Red Ken

<p>Arcadia Books has paid its largest ever&nbsp; advance, for a biography of London mayor Ken Livingstone.</p><p>The book will be written by Andrew Hosken, a reporter for Radio 4&rsquo;s influential&nbsp; &ldquo;Today&rdquo; programme. Hosken&rsquo;s previous&nbsp; book was a biography of Lady Shirley&nbsp; Porter, Nothing Like a Dame, which charted corruption in local government.</p><p>Arcadia publisher Gary Pulsifer said that although the Livingstone book is unauthorised, it would be a serious political biography. The book is slated for publication in late 2008. Arcadia bought English-language rights from Hosken&rsquo;s agent Bill Hamilton at A M Heath.</p><p><em>This article was first published in The Bookseller&#39;s London Book Fair Daily, 17th April. To view a digital version of the Daily with more LBF rights deals, click the link below.</em><br />&nbsp; </p> <p class="disclaimer"> <a href="" title="The Bookseller Daily at the London Book Fair - Day One"><br /></a> </p><p>&nbsp;</p>