'Arab Booker' makes second selection

<p>The Palestinian poet Ibrahim Nasrallah&#39;s <em>Time of White Horses</em> and the Egyptian novelist Mohamed el Bisatie&#39;s <em>Hunger</em> have made the shortlist of the 2009 International Prize for Arabic Fiction. The Iraqi-born author Inaam Kachachi is also among the six finalists for <em>The American Granddaughter</em>.</p><p>The award, which has been called the Arab Booker, carries a first prize of US$50,000, and each author on the shortlist will receive $10,000.</p><p>Youmna el Eid, chairman of judges, said the titles were chosen &ldquo;because they contain all the creative characteristics which make Arabic fiction unique&rdquo;, reports <em>The National</em> newspaper.</p><p>The prize was launched in Abu Dhabi last year in association with Britain&rsquo;s Booker Prize Foundation and is funded by the Emirates Foundation, one of the UAE&rsquo;s leading philanthropic organisations.</p><p>The other finalists are the Syrian author Fawwaz Haddad (<em>The Unfaithful Translator</em>), Al Habib al Salmi (<em>The Scents of Marie-Claire</em>), and Egyptian writer Yusuf Zaydan (<em>Beelzebub</em>).</p><p>The&nbsp; winner will be announced on 16th March, on the eve of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.<br /><br /></p>